eB-Valuate – Online Valuation Solution

Trying to get more sustainable? Use eBvaluates’ web-based evaluation software and you won’t waste any paper anymore. 

What is eB-Valuate? 

eB-Valuate is a new generation online evaluation tool that enables registered clients, and corporate or academic institutions, to set up and manage their evaluation processes. Once set up, they can invite users to take sit for their evaluation sessions online with accurate and reliable results available in a timely manner.  

eB-Valuate enables corporate or academic institutions to sustain a culture of ongoing evaluation which recognizes the acquisition of skills and competences and provides tangible proof of such accomplishments. It provides a framework that facilitates online evaluation which can also be integrated with the more traditional on-site classroom evaluations.    

eB-Valuate enables employees or students to access the relevant online evaluation process even if they live abroad or are overseas at the time a particular evaluation session has been scheduled. It enables participation by individuals who may have mobility issues during the evaluation.   

Cost effective web-based evaluation

Anti cheating environment and tools

Online support & training

Live Monitoring

Corporate packages

eB-Valuate offers 3 different packages to corporates for their evaluations. These packages vary by price, options, and possible exam templates. feel free to have a look at the options and see which suits your company the best. If there are no suitable options, feel free to have a look at the academic packages or contact us.

Academic packages

eB-Valuate offers 2 different packages to academic institutions, these packages are larger in the number of evaluations and options since academics usually take more evaluations. Feel free to have a at the options and see which suits your institution the best. If there is no suitable option, feel free to contact us.

Credits packages

Every client account has a package associated with it. Each package comes with free credits. However, these free credits might not be enough for you to set up as many exam sessions as needed. The only way to get more credits is to buy buying Credits Bundles.

There are many Credits Bundle sizes, each containing a certain amount of credits. Credits Bundles are one-time payments, in opposition to our monthly package subscriptions.