EB-Learn Learning Management System

eB-Learn is a web-based SaaS  solution enabling clients to provide their students with user-friendly self-learning and collaborative eLearning tools for more effective and  interactive delivery of their learning programmes.

The system being, user-friendly web-based system to motivate students to follow and complete self-learning course;
Collaborative learning is increased with  more interactivity for students and Faculty allowing for more personal support and attention to students;
Greater emphasis on more frequent  live tutorial/workshop sessions for on-going student engagement and interaction;

System is offered either as 

Shared Platform 

Dedicated platform




Key Features

Key Features: eB-Learn

Connect Instantly with your team!

Keep Track of your Video Conferences

Keep Users Engaged!

It's About the Team

Keep it Relevant

Sharing is Caring

“The global corporate e-learning market size will be worth $50 billion by 2026. With an annual growth rate of 15% from 2020 to 2026.

Business wire

“In 2015, 49% of students worldwide stated they had taken an online course in the preceding 12 months.


”Demand for Online Learning Remains Steady. Almost all (99%) of school administrators surveyed said that demand is either increasing or has stayed the same.

Best Colleges, 2019 Online Education Trends Report

‘Corporate eLearning Is 40 to 60 Percent Quicker than Its Traditional Counterpart.



Connect Instantly with your team!

eB-Learn includes an integrated Video Conference Module functionality for its users. Create online training sessions to train new staff or have one-to-one or one-to-many meetings to discuss the next project brief! The video conference module can handle over 50 users simultaneously using webcams, excellent for team or department meetings.


Keep Track of Your Video Conferences

The video conference module allows users to also record sessions for later reference. Users will be notified upon logging into the conference that it will be recorded, ensuring quality and transparency for everyone involved. Reminders can also be sent through personal email to anyone invited into the video conference, ensuring nobody misses an important conference!


Keep Users Engaged!

The video conference allows users to chat between themselves, allowing for multi-channel communication. Users can be kept engaged through integrated polling options allowing individuals to vote on diving issues, as well as screen-sharing for better visual explanations. 


It’s About the Team

Collaboration enhances the learning environment. Create engaging forum discussions, chat with users and encourage group learning.


Sharing is Caring!

The collaborative area enables users to bounce off ideas and share their knowledge with their peers through the use of our interactive forums.


Keep it Relevant

Benefit from the use of forums to share ideas and knowledge between students or internally between company employees. The collaborative area also enables users to upload any relevant documents, depending on the use of the platform.

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