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Learning Management System (LMS) for in-house training, commercial training and educational needs
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Advanced System

Communication made easy! Our state of the art Video Conferencing system allows its users to create video conferences with over 20 people, allowing for better knowledge share. This remoes the need for external software, offering a one-stop-shop for all your institutional and corporate needs.

Video Conference Calls & Collaborative Tools

Connect Instantly with your team!

eB-ISP includes an integrated Video Conference Module functionality for its users. Create online training sessions to train new staff or have one-to-one or one-to-many meetings to discuss the next project brief! The video conference module can handle over 50 users simultaneously using webcams, excellent for team or department meetings.

Keep Track of Your Video Conferences

The video conference module allows users to also record sessions for later reference. Users will be notified upon logging into the conference that it will be recorded, ensuring quality and transparency for everyone involved. Reminders can also be sent through personal email to anyone invited into the video conference, ensuring nobody misses an important conference!

Keep Users Engaged!

The video conference allows users to chat between themselves, allowing for multi-channel communication. Users can be kept engaged through integrated polling options allowing individuals to vote on diving issues, as well as screen-sharing for better visual explanations. The room leaders have an interactive whiteboard at their disposal enabling them to use different engaging tools to give better online presentations. 

It's About the Team

Collaboration enhances the learning environment. Create engaging forum discussions, chat with users and encourage group learning.

Sharing is Caring

The collaborative area enables users to bounce off ideas and share their knowledge with their peers through the use of our interactive forums. Increasingly, more and more Institutions are using forums as a means of evaluation and discussion.

Keep it Relevant

Benefit from the use of forums to share ideas and knowledge between students or internally between company employees. The collaborative area also enables users o upload any relevant documents, depending on the use of the platform. Institutions can use the repository to collect and evaluate work done by its students that can be later graded on our own incorporated Gradebook, allowing users to easily navigate and access their grades through the system, removing the need for external communications!

We’re here to Help!

Leave the hardware investment and technical support to us! Use your resources more effectively, allowing you more time to focus on content generation and client acquisition.

Our system also includes a chat functionality, whereby a tutor can be assigned to handle any participant query that may arise. This has been one of our most well received features, as it puts the participant’s mind at ease when dealing with any content or technical related issues.

You Are Not Alone

Our dedicated team of experts will be on-hand to guide you through any problems that may arise. With over 19 years of experience and over 500 participants enrolled from different regions around the world, we make sure that your eLearning system is the best it can be to cater to your organizational needs.

Keep Your Statistics

Informed decisions require informed decision makers. Collect, measure and evaluate the performance of your users.

We’re here to help!

Leave the hardware investment and technical support to us! Use your resources more effectively, allowing you more time to focus on content generation and client acquisition. 

It’s All Up to You

Users are able to see what progress they have made in the learning objective. With the use of progress bars and dashboards, both the participant and the tutor can evaluate the progression of the participant in question. The tutor also has the ability to have a more holistic view of the participants within a specified course, evaluating what learning objective they have accessed last, with the use of time logs.