eB-ISP – Integrated System Platform

The Integrated Systems Platform is designed and developed particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Medium Enterprises (MEs) which seek to integrate better their service delivery operations to their accounting operations. It allows for more effective management and distribution of the time of employees to core activities, be they internal support or revenue generating activities. This web based service provides internal users with several core functionalities specifically designed to improve control and billing of operations. In addition, it allows for improved communications between clients and their customers using the document management and Instructions management functionality.

eB-ISP currently comprises one core administration module and various additional service modules which may be selected as per requirements. The relevant modules are: – Document Management; Instructions Management; Time Management; Expenses & Disbursement Control; Billing & Yield Control; Staff Evaluation Kan Ban and the Directors Suite.

The solution is available at Starter, Business and Enterprise bundles providing cost effective deployment to organisations of different levels of complexity. At Enterprise level, there is also additional scope for customised development to deal with very specific operational requirements that larger organisations may need to address.

Creation of users: Users can be created within different user groups which have varied access rights on the system.

Creation of employees: Employees can be created to include full-time or part-time employees, or to include freelance individuals whose time and billing also requires tracking.

Creation of tasks: Tasks can be created and costs and rates assigned to each task.

Creation of clients: Clients can be created and each client can be assigned different projects.

Creation of projects: Projects can be created for each client and within these projects, employees and different tasks for those employees to perform may be assigned.

Once these elements have been created, users within the different user groups, can access the system. These can enjoy the rights and privileges given to their relevant user group.

Key Features of the system


Time Sheet Module

Video Conference Module

Calendar Module

Kanban Module

Billing Module

HR Staff Management

Desk Booking/Management

Custom Space/Invoice Area


An understanding that long-term profitability is based on establishing business relationships which may need to be built at the expense of short-term profits.


A commitment to developing results-oriented physical and virtual teams able to build and sustain long term business relationships



A commitment to developing results-oriented physical and virtual teams able to build and sustain long term business relationships


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