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In today’s digital world most organisations depend on IT systems and infrastructure to run their business and add value to their customers. Large or small, IT systems and technology have become critical to their success. In this context the importance of effective IT support to ensure the smooth running of operations is critical.

Effective IT support can make or break an organisation. IT support could be as basic as ongoing server maintenance or as sophisticated multi-level cybersecurity solutions. The modern workplace relies on technology to function smoothly and efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

This calls for a pro-active approach to ensure optimal IT systems and network performance. IT systems continuity reduces the costs of outage and improves the overall return on IT investment. eBusiness Systems provides customised ICT Business Support packages to clients who operate IT systems that call for high specifications, high reliability and high levels of security.Organisations are becoming increasingly aware that IT support services are mission-critical. This realisation has led firms to invest more in the development and support of their ICT infrastructure. Their focus is to prevent any systems outage which would negatively impact their ability to meet their service obligations to customers.

eBusiness Systems currently manages physical servers in Munich and Frankfurt as well as cloud- based servers (Microsoft, AWS Web Services and Google Cloud Services), based on Linux and Windows Operating system and comprising services which include:

    Key Features

    A/V Servers

    Active Directory Server

    Applications Servers

    AWS Services

    Database Servers

    Document / File Management

    FTP Servers

    Mail Servers ( 365, Gsuite, Kerio, Exchange & Horde )

    Media Servers

    Virtual Servers

    Web Servers

    Web Services Servers


    An understanding that long-term profitability is based on establishing business relationships which may need to be built at the expense of short-term profits.


    A commitment to developing results-oriented physical and virtual teams able to build and sustain long term business relationships



    A commitment to developing results-oriented physical and virtual teams able to build and sustain long term business relationships


    eBusiness Systems serves both local and overseas clients. It supports clients with staff regularly traveling and demanding access to IT systems and support. This international perspective called for investment in the tools and staff training for the provision of remote support.
    Management and staff are well aware of the importance of timely interventions. There is a full commitment to provide the required IT support services in a timely and cost-effective manner.
    The eBusiness Systems approach is to tackle IT problems and challenges in a pro-active manner. The focus is on developing client solutions that are easy to use, simple to maintain, and cost- effective. It works closely with clients to reduce
    risk and uncertainty of operations, delivering solutions that meet client expectations and requirements.
    eBusiness Systems are firm believers in empowering its users as it believes knowledge is key! Therefore, it takes great pride in training users and assisting them in getting the utmost of the systems implemented. This is done by having users confident in their IT systems and communicating whenever there are problems or issues. In this manner, issues are resolved quickly and problems de-escalated.
    The eBusiness Systems approach is not about a single transaction but on the development of long term client business relationships that last for years to the mutual benefit of both parties.

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