eB-Valuate – Online Valuation Solution

One of the biggest uncertainties for people when implementing an online evaluation tool instead of an in-class evaluation is fraud and cheating, this is a logical thought since there is no one with the candidate while they are conducting their evaluations. No one can see whether they are cheating or not.

Anti-cheating environment

Yes, this thought is logical but it is not true since many systems such as eB-Valuate use anti-cheating tools. By the use of ID verification, the user is not able to let someone else conduct his or her evaluation. The system makes it able to get into a video call with a candidate whenever the user sees fit during the exam. This way the user can always look at what the candidate is doing by obligatory sharing their screen. With the help of these methods, the user can be fairly sure that the chance of cheating is the same or even smaller in comparison to traditional evaluations.