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People’s competencies made lucid

With every package you will get a certain number of free credits as a sign-up bonus, after that, you will need to buy a new one whatever is needed. The credits have no expiry date and are worth as much as one evaluation. 

The maximum number of templates that a user can create.

Reports are there to have a nice overview of a select set of data you want to know or analyse. For example; How many logins were there today? When you look into the login report you can see how many, for how long, and what the user did during this time. 

When the candidate has finished their exam and reached the set requirements to pass the evaluation, they will receive a certificate. This can be either a personalized certificate or a standard certificate.

This is an electronic form of authentication that needs two forms of authentication from the user before it grants access. This safety measure makes sure the system is well secured against fraud and other forms of hacking. 

EBusiness Systems Malta is always right at the side of the customer to answer questions or resolve problems. It is of the highest urgency for our company to help the customer wherever we can to stay on top of our client service. This is why we offer live support for the EBvaluate users.

Plagiarism will be checked and displayed when a candidate has finished his/ her exam.

A user is always able to look at what a candidate is doing and get in a call via the system. 

The user can always look into a dashboard while the candidates are conducting their exams to see some information regarding the ongoing exam.

Usage of PayPal and Apple Pay instead of conventional debit or credit payment methods. 

The user can put learning materials and practice options into the system for the candidate to practice for their evaluation.

The user can collect data like address, passport number, etc. from the candidate.