eB-Valuate – Online Valuation Solution

Because of the automated grading tool, precious hours are speared and the evaluations do not have to be graded manually. Adding to this, it is easy for the user to analyze the outcome of the exams. By using credits you only pay for the evaluations you actually take. 

Increased productivity

There is no need for a user or candidate to travel to a certain location at a certain time to conduct their evaluation while using an online evaluation tool. This means that the travel times are cut which results in less time spent on evaluations and it saves CO2 emissions. Adding to this the user is not needed for the grading of evaluations, which cuts back on time too and costs. Lastly, the user can easily analyse the outcomes of the evaluations whenever and wherever it might suit it.

The way of payment

Because eb-Valuate is largely based on a payment system which creates an environment where the user only has to pay if they make use of the system. This means the user does not have to worry about large monthly expenses when they’re not making use of the system. This increases the user-friendliness of the system.