Best Wishes

The Directors and Staff would like to extend their best wishes for the festive season to all partners, associates, clients and customers.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!

The Directors & Staff

AllSecure Ltd – eBusiness Systems

True to the Web

AllSecure Ltd commenced operations under the banner of eBusiness Systems in 2000 specifically to develop web-based business solutions for SMEs to help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the various operational areas. When we launched our operations prospective clients and customers were skeptical of the security and viability of web-based solutions, preferring to stick to the more familiar local area network (LAN) server infrastructure to serve their business. Despite the poor reception to the technology, eBusiness Systems persevered and continued to invest in the development of its innovative web-based solutions.

The COVID-19 proved beyond a shadow of doubt the extended versatility and effectiveness of web-based solutions. With practically twenty-five years of development and implementation experience in software-as-a-service SaaS and platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions, eBusiness Systems has proven itself to be a reliable partner to clients and customers in sectors as diverse as training service providers to financial advisors, business consultancy to international pharma distributions, property management firms to aviation support organisations.

Today, eBusiness Systems provides a range of tried and tested web-based SaaS and PaaS solutions that include:-

  • elearning & online evaluation solutions
  • CRM & ERP solutions
  • Investments management solutions

Each of these can be customised and developed to meet particular needs of an industry or sector. The level of customization provides the competitive advantage that many businesses seek, giving them an advantage over their competition in terms of internal processes, service or product delivery and follow-up.

For more details on web-based business solutions contact us on and we will be pleased to meet and discuss your requirements to identify how we can best meet those needs.