eB-Valuate – Online Valuation Solution

Secure organization and user information means in the terms of eB-Valuate the following:

  • Multi factor authentication
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Automated back-up systems
  • Production of security indexed certificates.

This sounds quite complicated but this will be elaborated further on this text.

Multi factor authentication

When a new user account is created the system makes use of a 2 step system; an email with an unique link that is only suited to login with the account that has been created and the login credentials provided by the system.

Cloud based hosting

All the data that is stored in the system is saved in the cloud which makes it almost invulnerable to the troubles of losing data or other problems that can occure when the data is stored on a single place.

Automated back-up systems

The chances are nearly non-existent, but if the very rare situation occurs that the data stored in the system is compromised in the cloud, eB-Valuate provides a back-up which makes it possible for the client to access the data after all, so the client does not have to worry about losing important documents or equivalents.

Production of security indexed certificates

eB-Valuate offers customized certificates which are safely stored in the cloud for the legally mandatory amount of time. This means that the, institution, company or candidate does not has to store this certificate by their selves.