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Operating under the banner of E-Business Systems

Allsecure Ltd is a Maltese registered limited liability company established in 2000 and operating under the banner of eBusiness Systems. It caters primarily for SME organisations that seek to enhance their competitiveness through more effective use of web-based business solutions. The company provides a range of software-as-a-service web-based business solutions in areas as diverse as elearning, CRM, investments management systems, time management systems etc. It is particularly geared up for the development of customised and be-spoke web-based solutions to particular industry requirements.

EBS Approach

The EBS approach to the provision of its software as a solution (SaaS) services is distinctly multi-disciplinary. In view of the rich expertise within the various affiliated companies, and its network of local and international experts, EBS is able to deploy a range of business and professional experts to any specific project. On the basis of this broad base of expertise, EBS is able to develop business and system logic that encompass best practice in a particular field. These rules and frameworks serve as the foundations for the subsequent development and upgrading of the systems.

In its second decade of operation

The company has gained tremendous experience in the design, development and implementation of customised and be-spoke e-business and e-commerce solutions. The on-going development of the competencies and capabilities of its dedicated team enable it to offer clients timely and effective solutions to their operational requirements. The strong strategic alliances E-Business Systems has formed over the years with international service providers and industry specialists, enable it to deploy additional specialised resources to the benefit of its clientele. The flexibility of the development and support team provides clients with broader support in the process of the design and deployment of e-business solutions. The consultancy service provides clients with an objective and experienced team to supplement their own internal project teams.

EBS Methods

The methodology adopted by EBS throughout its operations is one based on an interactive design and development process with the client. In its customisation and custom development activities, EBS utilises the SCRUM methodology to Agile project planning systems. This provides the client with pre-determined planning horizons for rapid prototyping and ensuring fast deployment of pre-defined and agreed upon deliverables.

EBS Results

With years of service experience of service provision to a local and international clientele, EBS offers reliable and cost effective solutions to organisations that seek to harness the power of the web to drive their operations and deliver improved value to their stakeholder groups.