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Learning Management System (LMS) for in-house training, commercial training and educational needs.
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Advanced System

Communication made easy! Our state of the art Video Conferencing system allows its users to create video conferences with over 20 people, allowing for better knowledge share. This remoes the need for external software, offering a one-stop-shop for all your institutional and corporate needs.

    It’s About the Team

    Collaboration enhances the learning environment. Create engaging forum discussions, chat with users and encourage group learning.

      Enhanced Learning

      eB-Learn is a web-based solution for its users, allowing them to access their learning materials through any device that is browser-accessible such as laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

      It’s easy to use interface allows users to quickly and easily access course material that they have been assigned to. Its functional design allows users to navigate through our platforms with ease, enabling them to study materials in video, PowerPoint and document formats.

        Keep Your Statistics

        Informed decisions require informed decision makers. Collect, measure and evaluate the performance of your users.

          Quality Assurance

          Quality content draws attention and builds trust. Create and distribute your own content and initiate knowledge sharing.

          Dedicated systems can have an overriding super-admin with assigned tutor roles to different participants to edit and view courses as is required. Security features and permission allowances ensure the security and credibility of the system, drastically reducing the risk of a loss of data or human-error mistakes.

            We’re here to help!

            Leave the hardware investment and technical support to us! Use your resources more effectively, allowing you more time to focus on content generation and client acquisition. 

              Cloud LMS

              Our based Cloud LMS is easy to use, configurable and also means that you don’t have to worry about power, network access or server maintenance. Cloud allows our clients to have a scalable product, so as they grow, their LMS can grow exponentially. 

              Custom tailored solution

              Constant communication with our clients facilitate better customisation, including having their own logo and LMS skinning. 

              Mobile learning

              Our LMS is fully responsive and allows your users to access from anywhere, anytime on any device. Having connectivity issues or travel frequently? With our participants will get offline access to content that you put up. 


              Through agile processes we are able to continuously keep our clients in the loop, demonstrating system developments and functionalities as is requested. 


              Select from the various integration option including payment gateway, support systems, and business systems.


              Structure learning materials to what works best for you. Our flexibility and understanding of learning objectives allow us to deliver the best possible learning outcomes catered to our clients’ needs. 

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