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eB-ISP Integrated System Platform -Efficient Time Management Software for Business Operations
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Security is key

There are three main roles that can see and access the Director Module, these are: Director, Secretary and Senior Manager. Due to the importance of the documents stored within the module, access is given to these three roles which are set before-hand.

    Manage Your Documents

    The Director Module has different categories of documents which can be stored, including; Board Documents, AGM/EGM meetings, General Board meetings, Timesheets, Messaging and Calendar events. Once a document is uploaded, users, according to the permissions granted to them, can view the documents. Users who uploaded and the document as well as users with higher permissions are able to see how many time the document has been viewed and by which users.

      Exclusive Content

      The module allows users to input timesheets within the Director Module. Once created, the timesheet record can be edited or retired. The system has a designated messaging module which is separate to that of the eB-ISP, allowing users of the Director Module to communicate easily within the system. The calendar module within the Director Module is also segregated from the main calendar in the eB-ISP.

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