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eB-ISP Integrated System Platform -Efficient Time Management Software for Business Operations
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Time Management Module

The Time Management Software within eB-ISP provides   a   user- friendly  process  for  the  collection of time allocated by staff to the different   projects   and      activities within an organization


The billing module seeks to provide an easy to use reference to on-going projects and activities with a focus on the visual representation of the data. A dashboard system allows for easy reference critical billing data.

    Face to Face

    eB-ISP includes an integrated video conference facility for users. Users are able to schedule, create and invite other users to video-conferences to facilitate more efficient communication between users of the system.

      Asset Manager

      The asset manager is designed for companies to keep track of all assets currently owned by the company. Assets can be segmented into different categories such as hardware or vehicles. The assets manager allows company officials to enter into the system and fully analyse which assets are being used and by whom.

      Different criteria can be inserted to better describe the assets, such as its price, category, serial number and model. The system can then allocate a unique QR code to be printed and attached to the required assets.

        Directors Module

        This module allows for the secure handling of documents and communications related to the Board of Directors (BoD) Affairs. The secure access, requiring an additional level of multi-factor authentication ensures timely notification of Board activities and sharing of relevant documents.

          Kanban board

          The Kanban board is a space within the eB-ISP whereby users can manage tasks, projects and workflow more efficiently. Upon entry into the Kanban module, users can find the different Kanban boards assigned to them. The user then chooses which Kanban board they want to use and edit.

            System Set-up and Admin

            This mandatory core module allows for the set-up and administration of eB-ISP and the service modules selected. This module provides extensive powers to the administrators and with such powers come added responsibilities for the proper management and access of the data within the system. 

            Staff Evaluation

            Comprises of two modules. hrough the Staff Feedback Module, staff have the ability to enter comments on their own performance or on the performance of their colleagues.  The Staff Appraisal Module enables management to set the criteria of performance   for   each   employee and to track appraisal scores.


            eB-ISP is designed to assist management in better allocating resources to different projects and activities. To this effect the system includes detailed reports on:  Emails, User Permissions, Roles, Leaves, System usage and many more.


            All expenses can be charged to more than one employer (allowing for employee sharing between associated or affiliated companies). Employee entries can be linked to individual clients, projects and even down to individual products setup within the   expenses module.


            The   Instructions Management functionality or Messaging module is designed to handle authorisations or instructions, ensuring that important instructions are recorded and tracked along with user access. The eB-ISP messaging  system allows for the operation of a number of pre-set Message Boxes, say Inbox, Outbox, Orders, etc


            The   document   management module is designed primarily for sharing     confidential     documents and data files with various internal users and clients. It is designed to facilitate group work, both between employees within  the  organization as well as between employees and other    external    stakeholders.

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