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Sophisticated Investments Management System on a Software-as-a-Service Basis
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Design Portfolios

eB-IMS is built on the premise that system owners can create as many portfolios for a client. This allows owners to get up different portfolios set to achieve different objectives.
Each portfolio can be managed in isolation or grouped together depending on clients of the portfolio. By making use of such a feature, portfolios can be designed to manage different requirements of the client.

    ID Description
    A Operations menu enables a user to carry out a specific action related to the client portfolios area. “List client portfolios” is the current view and “Create client portfolios” allows a user to create a new portfolio for an existing client.
    B Each column in the “Client Portfolio” view can be filtered by clicking on the dropdown option, found under the column titles. This search tool allows users to quickly find necessary data.
    C All current client portfolios data is shown, for detailed breakdown refer to the creation of a client portfolio found on the next page.
    D Once a client is located, depending on the user access rights, the following actions can be effected. If a user does not have rights, the buttons won’t be displayed to the user.
    E Currently the listing of each page has 10 rows of data. A user can use the paging area to select different pages. This paging feature is needed when a user needs to navigate multiple client pages.

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