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Sophisticated Investments Management System on a Software-as-a-Service Basis
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Live Dashboard

eB-IMS has a built in custom dashboard based on live data collected by the system. Users can be assigned different dashboard views depending on their role in the organisation ensuring users of the system are given the correct data set while using the system.

    Design Portfolios

    eB-IMS is built on the premise that system owners can create as many portfolios for a client. This allows owners to get up different portfolios set to achieve different objectives.
    Each portfolio can be managed in isolation or grouped together depending on clients of the portfolio. By making use of such a feature, portfolios can be designed to manage different requirements of the client.

      CSV/API Data

      eB-IMS  is built to be as low maintenance as possible, it therefore ensures that all prices and contract notes can be entered into the system by either using the input interface with full form validation or via CSV with limited form validation.
      These validations can be adjusted upon customer’s clients request.
      Within the system we have also worked with clients to link up to third party API connections, these connections can vary and will be setup specifically for clients.
      Currently we offer API data to Yahoo, EU exchange for free with data collected every 2 hours.


        All our reports as built up over years of working with business professionals. Our reports come in either CSV/Excel, PDF or both depending on the style and use of the report. The report section is aimed at the collection and dissemination of critical data, the reports section collects data from the entire system. Each report has a unique ID which allows all stake holders to be absolutely clear which report is being discussed. To access the Reports area, use the main navigation and click on the “Reports” button.


          The Charts section is aimed at the collection and dissemination of critical data, in graphical format. The Charts section collects data from the entire system.

            Client Area

            EB-IMS offers a unique blend of back office integration and frontline client access, communication and support. Our powerful tools is targeted at our customer’s clients. The goal is to ensure a smooth and accurate dissemination of data from business to client. These communications need to be timely and detailed while still allowing a range of users to access the system 24hours a day.

              Web-based Access

              eB-IMS is a sophisticated investments management system offered to clients on a Software-as-a-Service basis. It provides web-based access to a range of investment portfolio building, tracking, analysis and management tools.

              Diverse levels

              With diverse levels of controlled user access through the Internet, different user groups have different powers and authorities. Different powers will be granted to the different user groups who will have both username and password access and 2-factor authentication.


              Full-tracking data

              eB-IMS is based on a full-tracking data system. Like any robust accounting or banking system, once entered into the system, data cannot be deleted. All communications are made through the Internet using standard browsers.

              Traceability of Data

              The system includes full audit trails and traceability of data input and transactions to individual users and is customisable to allow for full integration with client’s operating systems and procedures.



              eB-IMS is based on state-of-the-art development practices that allow for hosting of the system on the internet in a secure manner. Cluster servers and cloud computing will be used as the hosting and back-up environment for the system.

              Custom Tailored Solution

              Ad hoc systems customisation is available at a separate cost. It allows for detailed customisation and integration with other systems, operated by clients.

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