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eBS plays key role in the development of the software platform for the September launch of the ARPEL Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship first intake.

The ARPEL4Entrep Consortium launched the student recruitment campaign for Intake 1 of the online accredited* EQF/MQF 180 ECTS credit Level 6 Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. The project partners on this Erasmus+ co-funded project are: Advenio eAcademy, Malta; University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy; University of Ioannina, Greece; University of Zilina, Slovakia; Vilnius University, Lithuania; EUCEN – European University Continuing Education Network, Brussels & Spain; and AllSecure Ltd – eBusiness Systems, Malta as the technical partner responsible for the design, development and implementation of the web-based solutions for both the ARPEL process and the elearning environment.

The ARPEL Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship is possible through the Erasmus+ cofounding received and provides an innovative online accredited Level 6 Bachelor’s degree programme designed, developed and produced by a consortium of leading European universities and higher educational institutions. To assist entrepreneurs to build on their previous experiences and learning. The acronym ARPEL reflects one of the core elements of the programme, the Accreditation & Recognition of Prior Experiences & Learning.

The scope of the project is to leverage the infrastructure and competencies of the partners in e-learning and the collective expertise and resources of the partners in creating a programme which would encourage entrepreneurs to earn a 180 ECTS credit Level 6 Bachelors’ Degree in Entrepreneurship. The ARPEL Bachelors’ programme provides a structured manner in which Validation of Prior Learning and Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning frameworks are integrated. The be-spoke novel online ARPEL evaluation process developed by eBS for the consortium enables students to validate their prior learning and experience. The second stage of the programme comprises a series of custom-developed course subject modules including a case-study approach and innovative simulation-based learning. The final stage comprises a research project to enable students to get first-hand experience of the importance of research as a basis for business and organizational growth and development.

The Intake 1 launch event was hosted on the Gozo Fast Ferry to highlight the manner in which elearning enables students to make best use of their time. They can study any time, any place that provides internet connectivity! A limited number of FULL SCHOLARSHIPS are available to suitably experienced and qualified entrepreneurs and SME management staff. Registrations are now open and applicants can commence with the ARPEL stage immediately!  This should take them a few weeks to complete, and those that obtain the required 90 ECTS credits may proceed with the second stage of the programme which commences in January 2022.  For more information about the programme contact: admin@aea.academy

eBS was responsible for the development of the be-spoke online evaluation system that allows for the identification of formal, informal and non-formal learning elements as well as past learning experiences. On the basis of the elements identified the system will provide a first estimate of the ECTS credits that can be earned in the recognition of prior learning process. The next step is for students to substantiate the validity of each of the elements identified by uploading a relevant supporting document. This may be a certificate, summary of learning outcomes of a particular learning experience, a reference, etc. On the basis of the supporting documentation submitted the system will provide a revised estimate of the ECTS credits that can be earned. At that stage the system will allow the student to set up the necessary evaluation interview with a panel of international evaluators. The calendaring and booking engines will allow for automatic notification of the student, the evaluator and the facilitator. The student will be provided with an interview plan and details of the subject matter he or she is to present during the interview. The Evaluator may set up further interviews if required. On the basis of the presentations made, the evaluator will confirm or modify the revised estimate of ECTS credits to be awarded. Once updated, the system will automatically notify the validator who is responsible for confirmation of the ECTS credits confirmed by the Evaluator. Once validated on the system, system certificates and transcripts will be automatically issued to the students. 

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