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We have always been strategic in our approach to business development. Right from our inception in 2000, we made the strategic commitment to cloud-based services. Cloud services have come a long way since our pioneering efforts when eBS was launched as a provider of Software-as-a-Service solutions. Back then local firms were very reluctant to move the data and operations to web platforms. Our main clients were overseas clients that had already made the leap to SaaS solutions. They required web system developers that could understand their business model and customise solutions to their requirements. This gave us tremendous opportunities for research and development in web-based operating systems and the continually evolving challenges for improved security of data and systems.

Today, is driven by a local team of seasoned professionals combining local and ex-pat talents to ensure the continued focus on quality throughout all operations. eBS operates on an Agile management system, with a focus on the quality of deliverables within the agreed-upon timeframes. This approach is particularly convenient for clients that require customisations of standard operating platforms. It enables clients to prioritise deliverables required through the customisations and receive the additional functionalities is a structured and scheduled manner.

eBS operates a number of established platforms in the areas of:-

eB-ISP – Integrated Systems Platform (launched in 2001) current version providing extensive business operations management functions

eB-Learn – eLearning Solution (launched in 2003) current version provides best-of-breed elearning capabilities combining self-learning and collaborative learning functionality.

eB-IMS – investments management system (launched in 2012) current version provides extensive functionality to facilitate the day-to-day operations of an investments management firm as well as providing 24×7 secure area support to investment clients

eB-Valuate – evaluation solution for online evaluation as part of a certification process (launched 2021) our newest platform provides a whole range of online evaluation processes that allow for integrated examination of oral, aural and written interventions in a controlled environment.

For more details contact us on info@ebizmalta.com and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements to identify how eB-ISP can best meet those needs.