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eBusiness Systems was launched in 2000 specifically to leverage evolving web-based solutions for business clients. The boutique aspect of our operations reflects the high degree of customisation and be-spoke development that is involved in comparison to the off-the-shelf model. This approach calls for extensive collaboration with the client to define the problem, to map out and evaluate alternative solutions and in collaboration with the client identify the most appropriate solution and its implementation. Nobody knows the business better than the client running the business – close collaboration is the key to enable eBS to build on the expert knowledge of the client and expertise the eBS knowledge and expertise to design, develop, and deploy the required solution within the timeframes and budgets agreed upon. In achieving this objective, eBS adopts an agile methodology based on two week sprints with specific deliverables set for each sprint. The development of a solution may thus involve three of four sprints, over six or eight weeks and for each sprint specific deliverables will be set and met. In this way, product costs are estimated on the basis of the resources to be dedicated to the project, starting off with broadly defined objectives which will be refined and more detail added with the implementation of each sprint. This provides flexibility in the design and testing of the solutions to ensure that the required deliverables are fit for purpose.

Over the years we have been able to assist a broad range of clients in many industries in developing and deploying customised IT solutions that helped them address some of the key challenges they face. These challenges often involved managing and controlling supply chain activities, or production/service development or customer support. In each of these areas eBusiness Systems has been able to understand the client’s particular requirements and develop be-spoke or customised solutions to enable them to deal with the particular challenge that needed to be addressed.

A typical example would be the development of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that allowed for remote access and data inputs to enable front line staff at the client’s premises collect pre-determined data sets, process and the data collected for the issue of results in real time. The system allowed for multiple client site access and computations with clients being given access to the system to be able to independently view the data and results of each visit.

Another example would be the development of freight tracking systems to enable regulated pharma cargoes be transported all over Europe with operations in Malta having real time access to the required routing data, product and ambient temperature data in real time.  The system ensured that the client was able to monitor the integrity of the freight journey in full compliance of EU pharma regulations.

Another example would be the development of an in-house learning platform enabling a locally based manufacturer to provide product training to an international network of agents, distributors and certified technicians. The design of the elearning platform required was based on the client’s requirements for multi-language delivery, versioning and editions of product releases and related technical specifications and learning support. The development of the web-hosted platform provided an integrated platform where self-learning and collaborative learning activities could be hosted to support the distribution network.

For more details on how the expertise and experience of eBS can be put to your benefit, contact us on office@ebizmalta.com