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2020 was a year in which eBusiness Systems really delivered and exceeded client expectations. eBS was able to leverage its experience and expertise in software-as-a-service solutions to enable it and clients better cope with the massive changes in work-practices imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic health & safety measures. By March 2020, eBS had enabled all its employees and those of its clients to operate remotely in a seamless manner. Each of the platforms stood up to the test!

eB-ISP, the business management platform was critical to eBS and to many clients to allow for the smooth management of remote work. The tried-and-tested software-as-a-system solution originally launched in hosted timesheets and project records allowing staff working remotely, to use company hardware or their own devices, to track their time on the different projects and facilitate remote project management.  The integration of the video conferencing facilities meant that clients did not have to resort to external third- party solutions, but they could set, plan and implement video conference sessions through the system.

eB-Learn, the elearning platform, saw a sharp rise in the numbers of users overnight. Within a week, new clients were up and running on the eB-Learn platform. This included uploading of digital content as part of the self-learning elements and full-functionality of the collaborative learning elements including the video conferencing and forum functionality immediately up-an-running. This was followed by an intense period of self-learning content development and production, as clients required recording, production and digitisation of new content material for the courses shifted online.

eB-IMS, the investments management platform. Utilisation of this system was probably least impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shift of many traditional on-site business operations to online. This customer centric investments platform, operational since 2013 was originally designed for remote working as a core group of customer users were the freelance investment analysists. The original development brief required full functionality for the different user groups through secure remote access. Various security controls were thus introduced in the architecture of the system as well as in the operation of the platform to allow for secure access to the confidential information on the system. 2020 proved to be an excellent bench-mark test for the system as it scaled-up to increased remote access by the different user groups both locally and all over the world.

Of course, the platform functionality is just part of the story. A critical success was the technical support provided to eBS clients in the upgrading and upscaling of hardware and infrastructure to cope with the radical changes over a matter of days and weeks as systems were upgraded and new equipment procured and commissioned. This support, provided both remotely and on-site where hardware upgrades were required, ensured that users had the tools to access and benefit from the functionality of the eBS platforms they were subscribed to.

The directors would like to thank the development and support teams for their flexibility and co-operation throughout the year. Their commitment and dedication made it possible for eBS to support clients as and when required, despite the difficulties of the sanctions related to social distancing and remote working. Big thanks to clients who trusted eBS with the critical task of supporting them in these difficult times.