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Our business management platform is getting yet another an upgrade!  

The Integrated Systems Platform (eB-ISP) is our most flexible software-as-a-service solution that provides core management control and enterprise resource planning functionality. On the basis of client feedback over the past year, the eB-ISP now  features a new module for Job Planning. This is an easy to use module that enables client organisations to better delegate and monitor different tasks and assignments to different individuals or groups of individuals within the organization.  

This functionality has been developed to address the common situation where members of staff are  working on multiple tasks of different projects, without a clear understanding of the changing importance/urgency priorities involved. Without an up-to-date prioritisation of the projects and the different tasks involved, staff will not be in a position to prioritize their own involvement in the varuous projects and tasks. This in turn, can lead to other members of staff, down the line, getting stuck on low priority tasks that eat up most of the time for more important tasks. Different people handle task prioritisation in different ways, and this often leads to an unsynchronised work flow. The delegation of certain tasks between team members can also prove to be a challenge. When internal communications rely on verbal communication, emails or chat channels, the changing priorities of projects and tasks is easily lost in all the “noise” and the relevant updates end up not being understood and acted upon as required.    

The introduction of the Job Planning Module, seeks to assist organisations in a more detailed planning of projects and tasks to ensure that deliverables and related constraints and limitations are properly communicated within the organisations. This ensures that the process of identifying, delegating and monitoring these tasks is simplified. Breaking down every element of a project into detailed tasks, provides a detailed correlation of what needs to be done by whom, within what timeframes, and in which manner, for the accomplishment of the relevant project. This detail in the planning process can be captured on eB-ISP Job Planning Module and provides clear indications of the relative interdependencies within the team assigned to the project.  It ensures that individual team members provide accurate and timely task updates enabling management to track the implementation of the project activities and tasks from start to finish. This module assists client organisations in strengthening their project management and job planning capabilities and is particularly relevant to those organisations that revied grants for which work packages have been defined and must be accounted for. Integrated within the Time Sheet module, managers and staff alike can create new tasks, define if they are of high or low priority, delegate the tasks to other team members and monitor their progression. Through the Job Planning Module, managers are able to create “To-Do Lists” for their team effectively within an already integrated system, reducing the noise and allowing for one clear task list to be completed.   

In addition, the job planning module allows the organisation to strengthen the culture of responsibility and accountability. It enables a team to better understand its role within an organisation, and it allows for people within the team to identify and understand the tasks being done by other team members. Use of the Job Planning Module reduces any discrepancies within the tasks and eliminates any confusion as to who is responsible for completion of what. Once the tasks are set for the different users, those users know what deliverables are expected of them, and by when. This empowers team members and improves internal project management. Empowering team members demonstrates that  the organisation has full confidence in what they are doing and their ability to complete their work. Through utilization of the Job Planning Module, team members know exactly what tasks they have to do, which are more important than others and by when they are needed. This in turn allows team members to plan  their own work on the basis of the changing priorities which are captured in the system and immediately reflected. Through the Job Planning Module, users are able to:- 

  1. Create a Job Description – A description of the job that is to be done  
  2. Set the Priority – Set the priority between low, medium and high for the different tasks 
  3. Delegate work to different users – Enable managers to set tasks to employees  
  4. Set the Client – Set the task to a specific client or project  
  5. Set the Employer – Set the task to an employer if user employed by more than one company  
  6. Set Deadline – Set achievable deadlines for the task to be finished  
  7. Set Estimated Time – Set the estimated time for the task to be complete  
  8. Set an Impediment – Enable users to write what obstacles they faced in completing the task  
  9. Set the Status – Set the status of the Job to planning, in progress or complete  

eBusiness Systems is committed to a continued development of systems that are user-friendly and effective. The challenge to build-in simplicity of use and improved effectiveness is never ending. It calls for on-going feedback by client users to identify best practices and requirements. This serves as the basis for the fine-tuning of the system to integrate such added functionality or control.  Through the integrated capabilities of the eB-ISP, organizations can better control and streamline their internal workflows and processes. This allows their team members to focus on the jobs that are crucial to the organisation, rather than tasks that are not.  

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help your organisation scale up their internal project management and operations in an efficient and effective manner.