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eBusiness Systems is pleased to announce that we have made some major changes in the way our Video conference tool feels and functions, both on our eLearning platform, eB-learn, and our Business Management Platform, eB-ISP! 

What have we added?  

Shared Notes 

Users are now able to have shared notes within the video conference. This allows all users to have one common area, apart from the public chat, where users can write down ideas, and discuss these ideas with other users within the video conference. The Shared Notes feature allows for users to edit other users’ notes, which proves to be very useful when complex issues arise during the video conference, which would need to be elaborated further in the Shared Notes. It is also a very useful way of peers to learn off each other.  

Polling Option  

Tutors are now able to ask a question to the users of the video conference, and create a custom poll whereby the users within the video conference can vote on that poll. Once all the users have answered the poll, the tutor can publish these results which will be visible to everyone within the video conference, on the interactive whiteboard.  

Share an External Video  

Tutors are now able to make reference to third party videos, simply by copy and pasting the link into the video conference! Tutors within a video conference now have the ability to upload third party videos from different sources to the video conference, to be viewed by all the user within the video conference. The Video replaces the interactive whiteboard whilst the users view the video. The interactive whiteboard can then be displayed again, with all previous edits, with a click of a button! 

Interactive Whiteboard Upgrades  

Tutors now have the options to allow other users within the video conference to edit documents uploaded onto the video conference. This tool is highly useful, as it promotes a more inclusive and interactive discussion. The tutor will know which user is editing the interactive whiteboard, as the cursor will be displayed along with their username. 

See the video below to learn more!