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The new eBusiness Systems development cycle heralds the introduction of the Staff Evaluation module, an effective and efficient tool for managers in organisations to gauge their employees’ performances and incentivize productivity. Regular staff evaluations help remind employees of the expectations of the company and their respective managers in the workplace. They provide employers with information to use when making employment decisions, such as promotions, pay raises, and layoffs.

Through the new Staff Evaluation module, this process is streamlined into the eB-ISP, the eBusiness Systems HR management platform. This allows management within organizations to send-out appraisal forms to be completed by employees. This would allow staff to appraise themselves, and managers to appraise their employees. Once management sends the appraisal form through the system, employees assigned to that appraisal form can fill in and give scores on different criteria set out by management, as well as leave comments for each criteria.

Once completed, the appraisal form is sent back to management, whereby the employee scores are compared to management scores. According to organization policy, if there are significant discrepancies between the scores, management can choose to proceed and set out personal meeting with the concerning employees. The staff appraisal module can also be used to determine end-of-year performance reviews and a solid basis for performance remuneration packages for employees.

Management can send out different appraisal forms with different sets of questions to different departments. This can be done effectively through the saving of templates of appraisal for easier use. This allows, for instance, managers to send different proposals to the accounting teams, marketing teams and other departments, depending on their role in the organisation.

The module also allows for more than one review to appraise any on given employee. The premise of this also allows for 360 degree feedback between peers. A marketing manager could, for instance, send out an appraisal form to one employee of the marketing team, with their peers being invited as support reviewers, enabling better critique and ensuring issues are dealt with in an easy and effective manner. Managers may also set out appraisals according to different projects or clients worked on.