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eBusiness Systems is constantly thriving to deliver a seamless user experience when accessing our eLearning Platform, the eB-Learn. In its 7th version, our development team has constantly listened to our client’s queries, tweaking and adjusting the platform for peak efficiency and usability. An area we felt could use a bit of a face-lift was our forums in the Collaborative Area of the eB-Learn. We believe online learning can be positively supplemented through the use of peer collaboration and interaction. Henceforth, through dialogue and consultation with users of the platform, eBusiness Systems has gone back to the drawing board to provide our new and improved forums.

Modern Design

The first thing recurring users of the platform will notice is the new look of the forums. We have given the forums a more modern look as well as making them more functional.

Making it Personal

Users of the platform can now upload their own avatar to the forums. This allows other users to see who they are talking to, giving users a more personal touch to their online learning.
Every user will also display their forum statistics within the forum. Other users will be able to see how many posts each user within the forum have posted and who is the top poster.

Making it functional

We have added some functional features as well as aesthetic ones. Recurring users of the platform will realise that we have made way with the “operations” button, and instead have dedicated buttons for New posts, filtering and lastly, users are now able to reply to each other’s post through the use of the reply button located within each post.

Don’t Just take our word for it! In its 7th version, the eB-Learn platform has been used by hundreds of users internationally. Through constant feedback and communication, we strive to continually create a better eLearning Platform to deliver on our user’s needs. Do not just take our word for it however, see what our users had to say!