EB-IMS is built to be as low maintenance as possible, it therefore ensures that all prices and contract notes can be entered into the system by either using the input interface with full form validation or via CSV with limited form validation.
These validations can be adjusted upon customer’s clients request.
Within the system we have also worked with clients to link up to third party API connections, these connections can vary and will be setup specifically for clients.
Currently we offer API data to Yahoo, EU exchange for free with data collected every 2 hours.

Uploading CSV

The system allows for certain data to be uploaded directly to the system using CSV files.

These files allow for “Prices” and “Contract Notes” to be uploaded directly. It’s important to keep in mind that while this method is very fast it also comes with considerable risks, as it bypasses most of the validations built into the system to ensure the data’s integrity.


Complex lengthy calculations will run in the background without hindering user experience. To make this process easier the Crons section provides the user with the facility to access all such calculations in a single screen. To trigger a calculation click on the respective button on this screen.


We have worked with multiple providers to offer custom connections for our clients. Using Open source and bespoke API connections clients can have third party data feeds into the system. These connections are setup per client as most of these connections require third party licences to run.