Staff Evaluation

The billing module seeks to provide an easy to use reference to on-going projects and activities with a focus on visual representation of the data. A dashboard system allows for easy reference critical billing data. The top panel displays billing totals for proforma bills, fee notes and invoiced amounts. In addition the top panel dashboard shows top clients and the amounts invoiced in the current year. The two lower dashboard panels list Pending Proforma Bills and Pending Fee Notes thereby providing a complete status of the billing process.
The ISP billing functionaliy allows for the creation of a new unique proforma ID for every Proforma created. Once created, the proforma data cannot be edited. For security purposes, the system will only allow updating of Meta data and the download of the relevant pdf. This ensures data integrity and consistency in relation to proforma and company invoices.
The EB-ISP billing system is designed to handle time based billing as well as fixed fee billing. When fixed fees are set on a calendar basis, the fixed fees can be set to automatically issue fee note.