The document management module is designed primarily for sharing confidential documents and data files with various internal users and clients. It is designed to facilitate group work, both between employees within the organization as well as between employees and other external stakeholders, be they external consultants, suppliers, customers or other interested parties.
The secure document storage area allows for sharing of different versions of documents, many of which may be in a state of work-in- progress and require review and feedback of different members of the team. The system allows for the creation of folders and sub-folders within which the relevant documents can be placed. It also allows for the creation of different users and user- groups with different read, write, edit, upload and download rights.
Most importantly the system maintains date and time stamps on access to each and every document in the storage folders, thereby providing a clear audit trail of who accessed what and when.
Built-in viewing of documents uploaded, allows users to view while in the browsers content. This tool allows users to read and review material without having to download content to their PC. The system includes easy to view and mange content with automated notification. Folders and files can be easily accessed.
The user can also use the search function to search the file or folder by its name. Each file or folder has different permission set by the user. There are three different levels of permission: Inherit, Specific or Internal.