The Instructions Management functionality or Messaging module is designed to handle authorisations or instructions, ensuring that important instructions are recorded and tracked along with user access.
The EB-ISP messaging system allows for the operation of a number of pre-set Message Boxes, say Inbox, Outbox, Orders, etc. Each of these can be set for details on the Status, the Subject matter, Sender, data, attachments (if any), action status, and date of scrubbing, if relevant.
The message scrubbing feature allows for messages on a specific message box to be scrubbed and deleted without any trace according to pre-set parameters. Users are notified before any scrubbing and have the option to print all messages at any time prior to scrubbing.
Authorised Users of the system are able to view inbox and user filters to view selected data. All users can see and send messages with the same filters.
Since the system stores all messages, Admin users can also use the Admin Inbox to view all messages within the system.
Users are able to send new, reply or forward a message using an easy to use Graphical Interface. This interface allows users to only message users within the system, keeping all information contained and centralised. Users are able to attached files to a message similar to an email.