Time Management

The time management module within EB-ISP provides a user- friendly process for the collection of time allocated by staff to the different projects and activities within an organization. Critical to the successful implementation of the system is a careful analysis of the manner in which internal activities are categorized and the workflows involved in the completion of internal tasks or client related assignments.
The system allows for identification of department or business specific projects and tasks and allows for customized views to ensure that staff only get to view those activities and projects they are supposed to be working on.
Users use a simple interface to enter time daily. Typically this is done in 15 minute segments to allow for grouping of activities of lesser duration. Users can be linked to multiple employers, this ensures one engine can cater for associated companies. Users are only shown client companies they have been assigned to with rates set to Task, rates can be flat or set per user.
Comments box is ensures user add adequate description. User can make use of built in charts and reports to analyse and self-manage time being spent. The wide range of reports provide management with the right information on demand, and presented in a structured format to assist management in understanding better how to optimize the allocation of the time of the different members of staff to the many internal or client projects which need to be completed.