IT Support

eBusiness Systems provides customised ICT Business Support to clients who operate systems which call for high specifications, high reliability and high levels of security.

More organisations are changing their approach to IT services from being just a supporting tool to the recognition that this is a mission-critical service.  This change in approach has led firms to invest more in the whole ICT infrastructure and not just fix things when something goes wrong. They realise that a judicious investment in their ICT infrastructure is essential for them to meet their client objectives and requirements and is critical to the smooth operation of their business.

eBusiness Systems offers tried and proven solutions developed and implemented by professional ICT personnel. These are a few of the industries we are currently supporting:

   Accountancy    Legal
   Business Brokerage    Pharmaceutical Logistics
   Catering    Shipping Management
   Higher Education Institution    Wealth Management


eBusiness Systems currently manages more than 25 Servers, based on Linux and Windows Operating systems and  comprising services which include:

   Database Servers    Media Servers
   eLearning Servers    Timesheet Management
   Email Servers ( Kerio, Exchange & Horde)    Web Servers
   Document Management    Web Services Servers

eBusiness systems manages over 100 active Users, most with multiple devices including:

   Android Phones    Peripheral Devices
   Android Tablets    Ubuntu Desktops
   Bespoke applications    Windows Desktops
   IPad    Windows Laptops
   IPhone    Windows Phone
   Mac books    Windows Tablets


Our clients are primarily located in Malta and Central Eastern Europe, consequently we have built a professional team of experts based in Malta and Serbia. Our team of experts has decades of valid experience in meeting with the ICT requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our approach is to tackle IT problems and challenges in a pro-active manner. We focus on developing client solutions that are easy to use, simple to maintain, and are cost effective. We work closely with clients to reduce risk and uncertainty of operations, delivering solutions that meet client expectations.

We are firm believers in empowering users, knowledge is KEY!! Therefore we take great pride in training users and assisting them in getting the most of the systems implemented.  By having users confident in their IT system and communicating whenever there are problems or issues, matters are resolved quickly and not allowed to escalate.

The eBusiness Systems approach is not about a single transaction but on the development of long term client business relationships that last for years to the mutual benefit of both parties.