EB Live - Video Conference Calling System

EBlive is a web based solution accessible to all by clicking here, it forms part of the EBS software suite. EBLive has been developed with the Canadian team who Developed Big Blue Button, EBLive is powered in part by BBB. EBLive seeks to provide a reliable cost effective web based video conferencing solution to organisations that are involved in international operations. EBLive provides a user-friendly approach to the setting up and implementation of video conferencing as a normal routine part of everyday life.

The fixed cost structure of the EB-Live solution provides a cost effective solution that can be budgeted for and controlled in accordance with usage. The scalability of the solution ensures that corporate users get maximum value from their EB-Live subscriptions which allow for multiple person real time conference calls handling up to 10 persons simultaneously. Video conferencing accessibility is universal by allowing anywhere anytime access. Improved internal communications since EB-Live allows for daily management or staff meetings to be held without the need of having participants convene in a meeting room.

Customer care through added value services. One of the main benefits of the EB Live is that it allows for corporate users to deal with client enquiries more effectively. It allows for easy creation of conference calls with multiple specialists to support client  request. Installation / Support: The system can be monitored and controlled remotely using any web browser, and EBS will provide support in system usage.

Deployment Time: The EB Live system does not depend on any third party integration. All that is required is a link to the system and the issue of the relevant user names and access codes to entitle the users to the level of service purchased.  Service is usually provided within two working days from receipt of payment for services.

EB Live Capabilities

To use EBLive one needs only register by going on the EBlive website.

Once registered you will be given free credits to test our calls, that’s not it we also allow free calls all the time between 3 users.

The following diagram gives an overview of the capabilities of EB-Live.

Diferent Roles in EB Live

There are three user roles in EB Live: viewer, presenter, and moderator
Viewer: are users who have no authority within the conference; their primary role is to view the presentation as well as chat amongst other participants. In a training course environment, the viewer would be the students.
Presenter: has all the same capabilities as a participant, with the added features of uploading presentations and sharing their desktop.
Moderator: has all the capabilities as a participant, with the added features of uploading presentations and sharing their desktop.

The following is a list of feature of EB Live
  • All users can share their web cam allowing all in the conference to see each other
  • Attendees can mute their own microphone
  • Auto notification of meetings to invited participants
  • Billing by number of Participants on-line per minute
  • Chat to all participants or select participants
  • Check out what you have done on EBLive by reviewing your Activity log
  • Create a conference in minutes using our stepped process
  • Don’t want to pay, we allow up to 2 other users to join you in a conference free of charge no matter how long you spend
  • EBLive allows for moderator Desktop sharing, to do this all you need is Java installed and we will take care of the rest
  • Invite anybody with a valid email address
  • Joining a meeting has never been faster, EBLive automatically emails you when it’s time to join a conference, all you need to do is click on the link, fill in your details and you’re in
  • Moderators can mute or unmute all microphones active during the conference
  • No restrictions on duration of Video Conference Call
  • Option to record session with full notification of recordings to participants
  • Our system supports all modern browsers, although we do suggest using Firefox, Opera or Chrome for the best experience
  • Pre allocated panelling allow you to customised your viewing area for the task at hand, whether is it focused on a video conference, a chat session or a presentation session
  • Saving contact in your favourites, allowing you to quickly setup a conference
  • Speed matters, our server have been optimised to give you the best connect, with the fastest speed possible to make your conferencing experience as pleasant as possible
  • System based on an open source engine
  • Up to 10 Persons in one video conference call,
  • Upload your presentations and control them for all users via EBLive
  • We support multiple languages
  • You only need Flash installed to use EBLive