EB Learn - eLearning System

 EB-Learn is a tried and tested web-based solution for on-line learning launched back in 2003 with years of on-going development put into the system. It was the winner of the Malta Communications Authority national e-Biz Award 2011 for Best Use of Technology in Education and Training. Now in its 7th release, EB-Learn is different to most e-learning applications on the market. EB-Learn is highly customisable and includes extensive facilities for self-learning or group learning within the system. EB-Learn can be set to best fit the learning style and learning methodology of the particular client institution. EB-Learn, created by E-Business Systems, is a web-based highly client customisable online e-learning solution providing dedicated zones for administration, faculty and students. EB-Learn allows full flexibility for student enrolment, which is particularly attractive for in-house learning environments since it comprises a hierarchical structure for programmes, courses and modules. The architecture and web-based infrastructure of EB-Learn ensures that it is able to accommodate elearning operations within three most common but different operating scenarios, namely:
(1) Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) offering intensive academic courses at graduate and post-graduate levels – EB-Learn is configured .
(3) Continued Practice Development programmes – EB-Learn handles relatively small amounts of data and video but needs to cope with thousands of students on each course or module. The on-going involvement of elearning content developers and elearning service providers in the development of the EB-Learn platform throughout its development has been in instrumental to the overall success of EB-Learn.
It has been designed to cope with the many different options and elearning best practices allowing it to serve full e-learning courses, blended learning courses integrating on-line and off-line learning activities and it can also support off-line courses as a virtual learning engine. The powerful video conferencing engine integrated into the EB-Learn platform encourages service providers to focus on developing and improving faculty/student and inter-student on-line face-to face communication. In this regard, the system includes the Moderator Role in video conferencing which is there for a course co-ordinator to open and manage the on-line workshops/tutorials in support of the lecturer/ facilitator. Such workshop tutorials may be held as private sessions which are open only to the list of invited students, or they may be public which will allow for the recording of the session and its availability to other students to follow at a later date.
The EB-Learn  collaborative learning has added functionalities built into the system such as online tutoring/ mentoring, virtual assistance, on-line self assessment and options for intelligent document handling. EB-Learn is a turn–key solution to organisations that seek cost-effective state-of-the-art solutions to enhance the learning experience of their participants. EB-Learn is offered on a softwareas- a-solution (SaaS) basis. This means that clients do not have to invest in hardware or in technical support teams to run the system, giving them a more efficient use of resources. In addition it allows very easy and flexible scaling up or down of the operation to suit the needs of a variable on-line student population.

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