EB IMS - Investments Management System

EB-IMS is a sophisticated investments management system developed by E-Business Systems and offered to clients on a Software-asa-Service basis. It provides web-based access to a range of investment portfolio building, tracking, analysis and management tools. With diverse levels of controlled user access through the Internet, different user groups have different powers and authorities. All communications is made through Internet using standard browsers. Different powers will be granted to the different user groups who will have both username and password access and 2 factor authentication. EB-IMS is based on a full-tracking data system. Like any robust accounting or banking system, once entered into the system, data cannot be deleted.
The system includes full audit trails and traceability of data input and transactions to individual users and is customisable to allow for full integration with client’s operating systems and procedures. EB-IMS is based on state-of-the-art development practices that allow for hosting of the system on the internet in a secure manner. Cluster servers and cloud computing will be used as the hosting and back-up environment for the system.

This allows for rapid increase in resources to deal with peak demands. These may well be high volume access at certain times of the year either due to planned events, such as launching of updated portfolios, or due to market developments which call for immediate reference to the system. Ad hoc systems customisation is available at a seperate cost. It allsows for detailed customisation and interpratation with other systems, operated by clients.

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