EB CRMS - Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management systems are based on the concept of managing the full service chain, ensuring that the needs of both the internal and external customers are met to win and keep the more demanding customers. Well designed and efficient CRMS allows companies to define polices and guidelines in marketing, sales, customer support and operations, and to better monitor their implementation. eBusiness Systems provides clients with an online hosted, maintained and managed solution – EB-CRMS. This service allows the client to get the full benefit of a web based CRM solution with reduced operating costs and no internal IT personnel required to maintain the system. EB-CRMS is a hosted web-based solution that allows customer-centric clients to better manage their customer business relationships. It allows them to provide better support services and build long term customer loyalty.

It is a platform that is designed to support full customer service as well as internal business process tracking and monitoring. EB-CRMS is the system designed to improve a client’s customer relationship management. It is based on vTiger CRM engine which is open source software. It is the amalgamation of the creative and developmental skills of thousands of unique businesses, designers and developers to build the most effective combination of CRMS tools, and deliver the best through an easy to use and feature-rich solution. EB-CRMS is a functional business tool for a client company in managing, optimizing and achieving better oversight and results from marketing, sales, and support activities. Extensive consulting and support services are provided by eBusiness Systems to assist clients in the review and updating of internal systems and procedures to optimise on the implementation of EB-CRMS. In today’s challenging economic environment, organisations of all sizes are striving to differentiate themselves from the competition. With the knowledge that the cost of retaining customers is cheaper than obtaining new ones, organisations are striving to improve the overall experience of their customers to win their long term loyalty.

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