EB SaaS - Software as a Service solutions

A web-based Service provided by Allsecure which aims at improving a websites search engine ranks via algorithmic (un-paid) search results these search results can be targeted to specific search engines to get the best results.



EB-CRMS is the system designed to improve a Client’s customer relationship management. It is based on the tried and tested vtiger CRMS engine which is an open source platform.
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The Integrated Systems Platform is designed particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises and Medium Enterprises which seek to integrate better their service delivery operations to their accounting operations.
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EB IMS is a sophisticated investments management system developed by E-Business Systems providing web-based access to a range of investment portfolio analysis and management tools, with diverse levels of controlled user access through the Internet.
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EB Learn

EB Learn is web-based fully client customisable online e-learning solution that provides dedicated zones for administration, faculty and students. Visit the EBLearn portal to see access different platforms and don’t forget to check our news for our latest courses.
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EB Live

EBlive is a web based solution accessible to all by visiting www.eblive.net.
EBLive seeks to provide a reliable cost effective web based video conferencing solution to organisations that are involved in international operations.

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