About E-Business Systems (Romania) Electronic Buiness Systems SRL

EBS Romania is operated by Electronic Business Systems SRL and is primarily responsible for the development of POS interface modules to the EB POS based applications. It is also  responsible for the deployment in Romania of a number of specialised EB solutions in addition to the standard services offered by EBS. The additional solutions offered in Romania are through EBS Romania are:-

EB-BillPay – a POS enabled application that allows for settlement of bills through a POS network, ideal for collecting funds due on utility, council and other such bills;
EB-TopUp – a POS enabled application that allows for the topping up of mobile phone pre-paid services allowing for both batch and real-time top-up transactions with mobile phone service operators;
EB-Billing – a POS enabled application that allows for e-billing through which local councils can issue standard bills and for collection of relevant payments via web or POS network;
EB-Loyalty – a POS enabled application that allows for loyalty points to be issued on the basis of a wide range of parameters to users of a pre-determined POS network and allows users web access to their loyalty accounts even allowing them to transfer their loyalty points to other registered users.