About E-Business Systems International Ltd

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E-Business Systems is focused on the development and implementation of web based and server based solutions that improve corporate performance and add value. Its competitive advantage is based on three core competencies:

  • The experience and expertise of its business development team in industries and sectors as diverse as financial services, real estate, hospitality, and education. This facilitates a quick and deep understanding of the client’s business which is critical to the development of a solution that adds value.
  • The customer-centric approach to development which ensures that the client is involved at all stages of the design, development and implementation of the solution.
  • A dedicated and experienced development team that can translate system designs into value adding solutions that can be integrated into clients’ operations.

On the basis of these strengths E-Business Systems provides extensive web development services and a range of customised web developments built around its open-ended applications.

In addition E-business Systems provides consultancy services which focus on assisting clients in making the transition from physical market operations to cyberspace operations. Such services involve assistance in the formulation and implementation of strategy, corporate re-structuring and re-organisation for effective inter-phase of real world and virtual world operations, development of system specifications including hardware, software and middle-ware requirements, ensuring that tender documents are correctly drafted and allow for installation of the required solutions.

The focus throughout the consultancy process is on the development and implementation of the solution as opposed to the development of the web-based system. This results approach is geared to assist the client develop cyber-operations in a manner that allows for tangible value being added to the client’s own customers.


MISSION Statement

“We are committed to develop and maintain, though effective strategic alliances and allegiances with key suppliers and specialist service providers, interactive web based solutions to our corporate clients, enabling them to add value to their customer offerings, operate more efficiently and compete more effectively. We will provide such solutions in a timely and profitable manner allowing us to develop long term business relationships with customers and suppliers.”

This mission statement highlights a number of issues critical to the strategic development of E-business Systems operated by AllSecure Ltd

  • The forging of strong links with key local and international suppliers or collaborators to facilitate long term business relationships and a mutual commitment to excel in customer service;
  • The development of interactive solutions to electronic business opportunities facing corporate clients;
  • the close collaboration with corporate clients necessary for a sound understanding of the clients’ business and the manner in which they can deliver added value to their different customer groups;
  • The provision of value to corporate clients assisting them in operating and competing more efficiently and effectively through cyberspace operations;
  • The emphasis on relationship marketing and the importance of strategic alliances and allegiances to provide profitable solutions to the benefit of all concerned

The core values within the organisation are based on:-

  • An understanding that long-term profitability is based on establishing mutually beneficial business relationships which may need to be built at the expense of short-term profits
  • An over-riding respect for the dignity and importance of all members of staff and their contribution towards the achievement of the company’s objectives
  • A commitment to develop results oriented physical and virtual teams able to build and sustain long term business relationships.


Our Clients

Over the years we have handled various web development applications providing web based solutions to various clients locally and abroad.

In addition, the company has invested in developing its own customisable web-based solutions. For further details click here.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is through high standards of customer service and high calibre work which has won us and kept us many loyal clients.