Upgrading of document management system – EB-DMS

Earlier this month we issued clients with the new release of our web-based document management system, EB-DMS. This secure web-based solution enables clients to manage shared documents with registered third parties, be they customers, suppliers or consultants etc. The new version comes complete with a two factor authentication system. This requires users to register for the service and provide the number of a valid cell phone service they have access to. In this way, once they enter their username and password on the EB-DMS portal, the system will automatically send a verification code to the registered cell phone number. This number will then have to be entered to complete the access requirements of the system.


As in earlier versions, EB-DMS allows clients to set-up and manage folders. This simple process allows them to create different folders and give different access rights to different user groups. This latest version of EB-DMS has improved meta-data tracking allowing clients to better monitor the manner in which the system is being used and the manner in which stored documents are being shared and utilised.

EB-DMS is not an on-line archiving system, although clients tend to use this for archiving of shared project data, or multi-party projects ensuring that all parties have access to the shared documents concerned. EB-DMS is designed particularly to assist clients requiring secure sharing of different types of documents for on-going projects or assignments.

This private secure on-line document repository reduces risks of confidentiality breeches so common in the transfer of files via simple email attachments. The software-as-a-service solution can be set-up via EB-DMS portal hosted on EBS secure servers. It can also be accessed via a simple link through the client’s own website. Arrangements can also be made to accommodate clients which require the service hosted on their own servers. For more information please contact admin@ebizmalta.com